Last update: Apr 2020 Terms of Service / User Agreement

This User Agreement ("Agreement") is an agreement between TongBari ("Company") and the party set forth in the related order form ("Customer" or "You") incorporated herein by reference (together with any subsequent order forms submitted by Customer, the "Order Form"), and applies to the purchase of all services ordered by Customer on the Order Form (collectively, the "Services").



1. Acceptable Use Policy

Under this Agreement, Customer shall comply with Company's then current Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP"), as amended, modified or updated from time to time by Company, which currently can be viewed under the Legal Details section of this web site, and which is incorporated in this Agreement by reference. Customer hereby acknowledges that it has reviewed the AUP and that the terms of the AUP are incorporated herein by reference. In the event of any inconsistencies between this Agreement and the AUP, the terms of the AUP shall govern. Company does not intend to systematically monitor the content that is submitted to, stored on or distributed or disseminated by Customer via the Service (the "Customer Content"). Customer Content includes content of Customer's customers and/or users of Customer's website. Accordingly, under this Agreement, You will be responsible for Your customers content and activities on Your website. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, Company may immediately take corrective action, including removal of all or a portion of the Customer Content, disconnection or discontinuance of any and all Services, or termination of this Agreement in the event of notice of possible violation by Customer of the AUP. In the event Company takes corrective action due to a violation of the AUP, Company shall not refund to Customer any fees paid in advance of such corrective action. Customer hereby agrees that Company shall have no liability to Customer or any of Customer's customers due to any corrective action that Company may take (including, without limitation, disconnection of Services)

2. Term; Termination; Cancellation Policy

A. Term: You acknowledge, agree and authorize company to automatically bill and/or charge on your credit card for monthly/yearly terms based on the current rate in force at the time of renewal, unless terminated or cancelled by either party as provided in the section labeled "cancellation policy". The Initial Term and all successive renewal periods shall be referred to, collectively, as the "Term".

B. Termination:
    i. by Company in the event of nonpayment by Customer,
    ii. by Company, at any time, without notice, if, in Company's sole and absolute discretion and/or judgment, Customer is in violation of any term or condition of the this Agreement and related agreements, AUP, or Customer's use of the Services disrupts or, in Company's sole and absolute discretion and/or judgment, could disrupt, Company's business operations and/or,
    iv. If You cancel this Agreement, upon proper notice to Company. You shall be obligated to pay all fees and charges accrued prior to the effectiveness of such cancellation
    v. Company may terminate this Agreement, without penalty if the Services are prohibited by applicable law, or become impractical or unfeasible for any technical, legal or regulatory reason, by giving Customer as much prior notice as reasonably practicable
    vi. by Company in the event of abuse and/or phishing to our server.

C. Cancellation Policy:
   Cancellations and Refunds. Company provides a 15-day money back guarantee for new hosting account registrations, subject to the following terms and conditions:

    i. Nonrefundable Fees: Fees paid by Subscriber in connection with the purchase of SSL certificates, domain privacy, and domain names are nonrefundable.

3. Affiliates

Our affiliate program is opened for all customers. Customer have to active this program from his/her client area. To withdraw the affiliates money customer have to earn at least $30.00 USD or ৳2640.00 BDT. And also customer account must stay 30 day active in our client portal.
Our affiliate percentage amounts are varies on products. Some products are not included in affiliate.

4. Disclaimer of Warranty

Customer agrees to use all Services and any information obtained through or from Company, at Customer's own risk. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Company exercises no control over, and accepts no responsibility for, the content of the information passing through Company's host computers, network hubs and points of presence or the Internet. The services provided under this agreement are provided on an as is, as available basis. None of company, its parent, subsidiary or affiliated corporations, or any of their respective employees, officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, agents, attorneys, suppliers, third-party information providers, merchants, licensors or the like (each, a"company person") make any warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement, for the services or any equipment company provides. No company person makes any warranties that the services will not be interrupted or error free; nor do any of them make any warranties as to the results that may be obtained from the use of the services or as to the accuracy, reliability or content of any information, services or merchandise contained in or provided through the services. Company is not liable, and expressly disclaims any liability, for the content of any data transferred either to or from customer or stored by customer or any of customer's customers via the services provided by company. No oral advice or written information given by any company person, will create a warranty; nor may you rely on any such information or advice. The terms of this section shall survive any termination of this Agreement

5. Indemnification

Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Company and its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, shareholders, attorneys and agents (each an "indemnified party" and, collectively, "indemnified parties") from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, suits, actions, demands, proceedings (whether legal or administrative), and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees) threatened, asserted, or filed by a third party against any of the indemnified parties arising out of or relating to Customer's use of the Services, (ii) any violation by Customer of the AUP, (iii) any breach of any representation, warranty or covenant of Customer contained in this Agreement or (iv) any acts or omissions of Customer. The terms of this section shall survive any termination of this Agreement.

6. Miscellaneous

  A. Independent Contractor: Company and Customer are independent contractors and nothing contained in this Agreement places Company and Customer in the relationship of principal and agent, master and servant, partners or joint venturers. Neither party has, expressly or by implication, or may represent itself as having, any authority to make contracts or enter into any agreements in the name of the other party, or to obligate or bind the other party in any manner whatsoever.
  B. Governing Law & Jurisdiction: Except to the extent applicable law, if any, provides otherwise, this Agreement, any access to or use of the Services will be governed by the laws of the state of California, U.S.A., excluding its conflict of law provisions.
  C. Entire Agreement & Amendments: This Agreement, including documents incorporated herein by reference, supersedes all prior discussions, negotiations and agreements between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and this Agreement constitutes the sole and entire agreement between the parties with respect to the matters covered hereby. In case of a conflict between this Agreement and any purchase order, service order, work order, confirmation, correspondence or other communication of Customer or Company, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall control. No additional terms or conditions relating to the subject matter of this Agreement shall be effective unless approved in writing by any authorized representative of Customer and Company. This Agreement may not be modified or amended except by another agreement in writing executed by the parties hereto; provided, however, that these Terms of Service may be modified from time to time by Company in its sole discretion, which modifications will be effective upon posting to Company's web site.

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